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Oct 25, 2017

A West Virginia school during Patriotism week made a sign about their opponent from Pittsburgh. They made the sign red white and blue, and the sign read, "Trump Perry." It did not say, "WE HATE BLACK PEOPLE." A football banner is intended to intimidate the other team.

My high school was Ellet High School so Ellet rhymed with Smell iT. As our mascot was a giant Orange Hulk, and we were known as the Orangemen, we often saw many signs about "Squeezing the Orangemen."

Our arch rival was Springfield High School. Springfield had a lake. So we called students from Springfield, "Swamp Rats."

I guess by today's standards we were bullying when we played the fight song after a touchdown.

I can't believe this made the news. Instead of the superintendent from the WV school writing an apology, they should've suspended the LIBRARIAN for being a narcissist and making everything about her, and for not being able to process any opinion besides her own.

While I can't "tell you how to feel" you should be willing, and wanting to hear the other side of a story and be willing to participate in a dialogue. Here is the story from CNN