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Oct 29, 2006

Dave is having a bad day. Do you have anything in your life you KNOW is a mistake? I pondered not publishing this episode as its not my usual “Positive Upbeat” approach to life, but I thought I'd show I'm human and have bad days along the way

Oct 26, 2006

Dave talks about how he has lost 15 lbs. It's all about commitment. He explains what is working for him in terms of weight loss. It's all about making the right choices. Do you have the ability to commit?

Music Moose "Fat Fun" from the Podsafe Music Network

Oct 23, 2006

The first “Sleep Deprived” episode where Dave has a weird thought, and decides to share it with you. Today’s thought? Amish Porn. This brings back those moments where Dave’s Mom would hear how Dave needed a “Special test” at school.

MusicAmpsex ( )”Porno Movie” from the Podsafe...

Oct 21, 2006

Dave discusses further things about attraction, but more importantly the dilemma of "NO YUCK ROOM." She's not a psycho, she's not on meds, NOW WHAT?



Don't You Know Batdorf & McLean

Oct 18, 2006

Dave talks about a small discrepancy that he finds some women put upon men. No win questions such as "Does my butt look fat in these jeans?"