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Oct 22, 2007


For some people, it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. While I grew up watching Glen Campbell, and Tom Jones on TV. I had my Bachman Turner Overdrive albums, but I walked into my brother's room one day and he had put on Wang Dang Sweet Poontang from the Album

Oct 19, 2007

Missing the days of comforters and hot chocolate. The joys of living out of a suitcase are slowly eroding my attitude. We take for granted that "Ahhhhh..." feeling of walking into our homes. Until you don't have one (or at least one that is truly yours, where you can put some roots down...)

I really hesitated putting...

Oct 8, 2007

You will not believe this episode as I take on the subject of Menopause and all the joys that it brings...

We also have some listener feedback from Wayne, Rich Palmer (who really liked the episode "Only in America") and Brian Mundy (who really liked "The Truth about Teenage Boys"). Thanks for the comments guys. Keep em...