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Feb 28, 2007

Dave talks about a recent trip to Toys R Us, and he's noticed that while you're not allowed to judge anyone, everyone seems to be pretty judgemental about Christians....

Music by WII  F-in-A, I Love Jesus!

Feb 23, 2007

Dave talks about Carpe Diem (and doing everything) vs Doing Nothing Well. Prioritizing, and having a Superman complex. Call in your comments 888-563-3228 .

Music "New Day" by Nate McDonough from the Podsafe Music...

Feb 13, 2007

Guys Valentine’s Day is here. So I talk a bit about the differences between Men and Women.  Guys we have an oppotunity to open up and bust that stereotype about guys not talking about their feelings. You have the opportunity, so take advantage.

Being that my Valentine’s Day budget is kind of small, I’ve decided to...