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Feb 13, 2007

Guys Valentine’s Day is here. So I talk a bit about the differences between Men and Women.  Guys we have an oppotunity to open up and bust that stereotype about guys not talking about their feelings. You have the opportunity, so take advantage.

Being that my Valentine’s Day budget is kind of small, I’ve decided to use my podcast as a present to the nurse. You get to listen in.


I still feel God has lead you to me, even though I now know you snore. I love you even though you think Spinal Tap is stupid and you refuse to watch The Holy Grail.I love you because your job is life and death, and then you come home and raise three amazingkids with a smile on your face. I love that you are a P A R E N T. I love you when you lie and say my beard looks good. I love the way the fire reflects off your smile. I love you because you forgive me when I forget to call. I love you because waiting in line at a car wash with you is an adventure I love you because no one fills out a black dress like you do. I love you because you don’t make fun of the fact that I drive a Toyota echo. I love your patience when I have homework, and I want you to know that I’m doing this college thing as much for you as it is for me. I love pulling into your driveway when I haven’t seen you for a few days. It’s like Christmas I hate pulling out of the driveway to go home. It’s like trying to pull two magnets apart. I love that you don’t mind that I interrupt, only to forget what I was talking about. I love the way that you say Yummy. I love that you share your children with me, and that they are thrilling. I love that you don’t mind that the top of my desk has not been seen since 2004 and you think thats great. I love you even if you do hate Howard Stern. I love that you know what’s inside my heart – no matter what crazy crap I say in this podcast. No matter what kind of trouble you face, I’ll always be there even though I’ll probably show up late because I got lost…. and didn’t ask for directions. I’m not going anywhere now, or in the future. I love right where I’m at. When I hold you in my arms it feels like Home. It’s safe, warm, and I never want to leave. When I look into your eyes, I see a future that I’ve only dreamed of. I know that if you’re listening to this thinking of me, that I’m more than likely thinking of you instead of paying attention or doing my homework. I think about you all the time, and by that I mean all the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day Baby. Please know that I love you and think about you often. If I am in the room while you listening to this, please come jump my bones. 

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