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Mar 31, 2008

So my trust went left of center this weekend as I let some small circumstances get the best of me and get “in my head” making me act like someone I don't want to be. I'm not very proud of myself.

In the end, my “suspicious” attitude showed “The Nurse” how much I TRULY cared, and that made her happy (not a...

Mar 18, 2008

Today we welcome a new listener - and then piss them off. Wonderful.

This podcast is kind of "my diary." But not really the truth. You only get MY side of the story so you know there is another two-thirds of the story. So my last podcast where I got to be a "Dad" for a day. It was a joke. It was a strange moment, and...

Mar 4, 2008

Today I talk about how “The Countess” and I performed in a talent show.

It was amazing, and I am so proud of her. It was great to make a memory with such a great kid.

Then I thought about it. As much as we know parents can influence their kids. Does that mean as adults we influence our parents? I mean who can...