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Dec 29, 2019

While I plan for it, and know its coming, and still make the day special, not celebrating Christmas on December 25th is still a little weird. 

Today I talk about how it appears people have given up on going to Christmas on Christmas Eve. I miss soft, warm, candlelight services of my childhood with my whole family. 


Dec 22, 2019

This weekend I attended the wedding of my ex-wife. Awkward? Maybe a little, but not really. I am getting more comfortable in my role as a "family friend." 

I got to bust out my prayer licks and freestyle a prayer. I got to meet what would've been my step-grandkids. 

It's one thing to go to a wedding because you have to,...

Dec 15, 2019

My brother leaves for Floriday and my family celebrates Christmas before he leaves (in this case almost two weeks early). It was a great time with family, food, and loud squeals of delight over one gift.

The gift is highly confusing for me. It's a what? Like, really? 

Yeah... I don't get it. 

Dec 4, 2019

I was singing some Christmas songs in the kitchen when a very strange question popped in my head. What if the birth of Jesus happened today?