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Nov 27, 2019

Dolly Parton Confuses me. She comes across as family-friendly. We all know she has giant boobs, and somewhat defies gravity when she stands up. 

I thought it was inappropriate when she openly flirts with Jimmy Fallon and seems to be a little weird.

She talked about how her husband wants a threesome (jokingly with Jennifer Anniston).

The first episode of heartstrings has Julianne Hough playing Jolene who also has her boobs hanging out in every scene. I guess I'm just confused. How can we have t-shirts that say "Hey my eyes are up here" and then when you have a woman in charge and influences her own series and it features boobs o' plenty.

Some might say, "its just Dolly being Dolly, and she's done this her entire life," I just find it confusing.