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Nov 10, 2006

Dave talks about the theory of controlling yourself. You may think you can't (but you probably do it every day).

Music  (from the IODA Promonet) from "Cuntree" by Shat Buddyhead Records

The Fire Apes - "It's Over" (courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network) But their CD at or find out...

Nov 5, 2006

Dave talks about his child hood and some of the television he was forced to watch. He also unveils what might possibly be the world's worst Andy Rooney imitation.

Music: "Clean" by Matthew Casteel ( )

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Nov 3, 2006

Dave talks about a nurse who is a "keeper" and ponders the actions he is taking to "court" her and notices that many of the "nice things" he does now (at the beginning of a relationship) he failed to do at the end of his marriage.

Maybe we should all look at our actions in the "Gah Gah" stage of a relationship, and some...