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Oct 6, 2019

It's weird how we remember things that hurt us in living color. These vivid memories never seem to fade away like old polaroid pictures. 

I've shared some stories in the past that sound like pity parties, but today (realizing this) I wanted to share a really good time.



Aug 25, 2019

Christians are known for being:


Disliking Homosexuality

Asking for Money

So when I see a church that pushes the stereotype it drives me nuts as none of the above is biblical. 

Sure homosexuality is mentioned seven times in the bible, but poverty is mentioned 300 times, and lying is mentioned...

May 1, 2019

So my ex-wife calls me and wants me to be an escort to a meetup party at a normally off-limits room at the House of Blues in Cleveland. This is one of those parties like "40 and Fabulous" or for me "Fat, Fifty, and Frisky" - you get the idea.

I have no game. When I was young, I had no game. I played the guitar and that...

Mar 21, 2019

Download File

I get to the airport hours before my plane leaves. I need to pee. The woman sitting next to me seems nice. Will she watch my stuff while I go to the bathroom? Yes she will, and this turned into a bond that has sharing opinions on her latest project....

Mar 11, 2019

So my friend Master Kuldryn invited me to go to a Dungeon in Orlando Florida. While I didn't originally want to go, a few of my friends decided it would be a hoot, and as an investigative reporter, I decided to support my friend and check out his world. I never had any intentions of participating in anything, and...