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Aug 8, 2023

Today we have a very relatable topic to delve into. We've all had those days where everything seems to go wrong, where every step forward feels like two steps back. Well, my friends, today we're talking about having a bad day.


All I had to do was go to Walmart, buy some fruit and two cables, and get to the church by...

Aug 4, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of "Building a Better Dave" with your host, Dave Jackson. In today's episode,  a mysterious bump near the armpit is getting bigger. Dave takes us on a journey of curiosity, self-discovery, and a deep desire to stay healthy. Join us as we explore the hilarious yet relatable moments...

Jul 18, 2023

So Meta/Facebook released a "new" app called Threads. I installed it to check it out, and well...


It's Twitter. 

No. Seriously, it is Twitter (with a different name)


Because of a difference of opinion, once again, America separates.

Pinapple Pizza

Sompe people love pineapple on your pizza, while people like me...

Jun 28, 2023

I've started using a Continous Glucose Monitor (or as the cool kids call it a CGM) from Signos.

It's pretty amazing and the thing I love about it is if I put in my food into the app before I eat it, it will warn me, "Hey, you better exercise for 20 minutes when you finish eating THAT." 

So I do, and I watch my blood...

Jun 21, 2023

Dallas turned 45 (See picture here) and Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton, Audrey Landers, Steve Kanaly, Joan Van Ark, Sheree Wilson and Cathy Podewell met up for a reunion. Victoria Principal didn't attend.

. Here are three key takeaways:

Dave has never seen anyone who looks better after getting work done on...