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Nov 29, 2019

Sports are kind of weird as we:

  • Watch millionaires comment on
  • Athletic millionaires
  • In front of people who can't afford the tickets
  • Who can't afford the parking or the $7 hot dog

Their comments have zero outcome on the game, but it gets us wound up. We all want to be winners and those colors for my team represent ME, and I want to be a winner. If we lose our day is shot. 

For me, I was happy I started the day with

  • 20 minutes on the bike
  • skipping breakfast
  • having one giant meal and not going over my calorie budget
  • Seeing my family including the little peeps.
  • I was also happy that on the way home, I skipped all the fast food (even though I was thinking about it). 
  • I went to best buy and now I'm trying to figure out if I need the indoor smokeless grill.... (by the way Best Buy has this as a deal at $69, but its $59 on Amazon). In the end, I'm leaning toward this Hamilton Beach (I already have a George Forman...)

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