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May 17, 2020

I watched a movie called Bowling for Columbine, and one part really caught my attention and that is how many things on the news are based on fear. 

Killer bees

Swine Flu

Bird Flu

and many other things. Everything seems fear-based. 


There is a song by the Monkees called "Shades of Gray" and while it was talking about equal rights for people of color, but it made me notice that now you are either a scary cat who is afraid to go outside or a nutjob who won't "Let you tell me what to do" and is doing pushups on a sidewalk to prove it. 

There is no "gray area" and as I think about it I would think the rules for New York city might be different than the rules needed for Farm Town Iowa with almost no people, that maybe the rules could be different. However, on TV dialogue is no encouraged. You're either one side or the other...

It makes me worried. Dialogue and having open minds are what can lead to the best decisions.