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Feb 19, 2022

Gentlemen, is this just me? There are certain things that happen as you get older:
1. You're probably having less sex in your marriage.
2. Your anatomy might become looser and hang lower
3. Your urination stream is not as powerful as it once was. 

I get those but NOBODY mentioned this one and it's happened to me. 


As in my buttocks. As in I'm wearing the same pants as always (34X36) and my belly is larger than it has ever been, and yet my pants will straight up FALL down if I'm not careful (I've not worn a belt since the 8th grade). So is this a thing?

Is it just that all of the fat in your butt dissolves and relocates to your belly? I bent over to put groceries in the car and shot everyone behind me the moon. 

My badonkadonk is now a badonkadon't.


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