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Nov 29, 2017

I have some friends who have giant TVs. Two years ago I bought a 32" flat screen. Now when I go to their house and come home, my 32" looks like a toy. So I decided to buy a bigger 1080 TV.

This lead to me asking about what is the difference between 1080 and 4K, then what was the difference between 4k and HDR?

Then the guy at Best Buy gave me a demo of both, and I could feel myself getting sucked in. I had found a cheaper TV but now I could feel myself talking myself into grabbing the credit card.

I ended up with a 55" 4K HDR tv.

Then I brought it home. Uh Oh.

Then I went to plug it into my soundbar. Uh Oh.

Through the process of carrying these items from store to trunk to apartment, I pulled muscles in my back.

When I watch the Tonight Show, it feels like Jimmy Fallon is in my living room. My TV is just about the size of my couch.