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May 1, 2019

So my ex-wife calls me and wants me to be an escort to a meetup party at a normally off-limits room at the House of Blues in Cleveland. This is one of those parties like "40 and Fabulous" or for me "Fat, Fifty, and Frisky" - you get the idea.

I have no game. When I was young, I had no game. I played the guitar and that might get me some attention, but that's another podcast for another day. Now with me being a middle-aged white guy when I walk into a room of strangers, I wonder if people think:

He's racist cause he's white
He's a pig cause he's a male

Consequently, I don't feel comfortable saying ANYTHING.

In the end, the evening didn't go half-bad, and I might start attending more of these a little closer to home (as the more you do something the better you get at it. I'm just in no hurry to get back on the relationship train.