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Jan 1, 2008

Before we even set foot in Fat Fish Blue in Downtown Cleveland, I knew what to expect. You see a large female soul singer (who happened to be African-American)  was going to be on stage. I told the nurse (my girlfriend), "This woman will follow the large soul singer formula and sing about grinding it to a nub. 

We weren't there 10-15 minutes and she starts a song about "Sleeping with one eye open because her man won't leave her alone." Your honor, I rest my case. 

I also made up a couple of songs I might expect to hear including, "I think I done broke it off in me..."

Now it's just my opinion. These seem like lovely people, but I'm not really into watching a 270+ lb woman grind on stage. It's just not my thing.  

Speaking of great soul singers, I end the show with a cut from the Podsafe Music Network ( featuring Shameka Copeland ( ) "Breakin"