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Mar 22, 2021

While many people may find themselves crying watching This is Us, I thought things had taken a weird turn when I found myself choking back tears when I was watching the Real World Reunion (on the Paramount Network).

When I feel this way, I have a mental picture of one of those Submarine doors that has almost opened and water starts gushing out, and I get there just in time to spin that wheel and lock it up and go back to whatever I was doing...

I decided to try Better Help, and it's not cheap, but if my arm started bleeding for no reason, I'd go get it checked out. 

Just writing down why I thought I should talk to someone made me feel better. If you need a journal check out and in this case, I just had to write why I was signing up for this service. Just going through that process made me feel better.

I met with the counselor and after talking she suggested I read The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition: the Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses Including Health, Career, and Faith

I made it through chapter one, but now I feel like a kid who doesn't want to do his homework. I know that doing the work provides much better grades, but still, I made it through the first chapter and stalled. I need to put on my big boy pants and keep going.

So Why Did I Make This Episode?

We live in a Facebook world where everyone's lives seem so happy and perfect. I'm OK, and I'm working on being better. I thought if I pulled back the curtain to let you see it's OK to reach out when you could use someone to talk to, and that you're not "weird." 

I just need to do my homework and reconnect on Better Help