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Jan 24, 2008

OK, it's official. I don't understand women.  Today I return to one of my favorite topics which is how men and women are so different. Here are some topics:

Nails: I don't know a guy who picks a woman based on their nails, but women love to do their nails and comment on other women's nails.

Listening: Guys are used to fixing things that are wrong. We are used to taking action. For a guy to listen to 2 minutes of complaints and then do NOTHING and by doing NOTHING something is FIXED. I don't get it, but its true.

Cat Fights: Put women in a room and they will scratch each other eyes out. Put guys together and they will work together to find a television set.

My School has purchased a new WEBCT program with 30% fewer features. My tuition money at work.