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May 19, 2020

I've never been able to get passed the "woo woo" part of Yoga. However, when I see fit people one of the words that comes up in regards to how they stay fit, it's Yoga.

Lost In My Yoga Class

Any time I tried yoga the instructor would go through different posts like:

Funky Firefly
Young Puma
Sad Palm Tree
Be the Embryo
Hords of Locust
Legs behind your head
Silly Kitty
Grump Turtle
Baby Rhino

and I would be still trying to figure out the Sad Palm Tree as they are finishing up. I also love how your are supposed to keep your head facing down. How do I see what you're doing with my eyes facing the floor?

DDP Yoga

I got sucked in by some videos of people with serious hurdles who have lost hundreds of pounds doing Yoga (and I'm assuming eating less junk). I decided to give it a shot and was surprised how (without using any weights) I was working up a sweat.

Here are some links (not affiliate links)

Guy loses tons of weight video

Guy couldn't walk can now run

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