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May 7, 2008

Today I talk about one of my life’s most embarrassing moments. I made a huge mistake, and I thought about not talking about it on the show. However, the “teacher” in me took over and I thought “If someone can learn from my mistake, it’s worth it.”

All signs point to me not passing a class this semester. While I’ve always had good grades, this semester I’m not going to be able to come in at the last minute and save the day. While most politicians don’t understand the concept of accepting your responsibility, I’m here to say “no excuses” and say this was ALL MY FAULT.

I’m very upset that I somehow lost my mojo, I took on things I shouldn’t have, and I should’ve said NO when I said yes. I kept thinking I would get back to school and get caught up. I wonder if subliminally that when I go so far behind, if I just didn’t give up. I think I always could get caught up eventually, and I just flat out ran out of time.

I have done nothing but examine this semester over the last few days trying to figure out what went wrong and why. The biggest thing was I needed to print out the syllabus and put it into my calendar so I could keep track of assignments and know when quizzes were scheduled. Who’s fault is that? MINE. You might say, “But Dave you’re too busy.” I need to learn the word “NO” and USE IT. School and graduation is now priority number 1. That will never change.

So bad things do happen to Dave Jackson. I’m not a super hero who can save the day. Its one thing to get wounded in battle, and it’s another thing shoot yourself in the foot. I don’t like to suck. I hate being average, so to FAIL a class makes me want to die. It’s like Dave Jackson died. I – David Jackson – don’t fail. Well I used to be able to say that. This sucks.

If you don't learn the word NO, you will learn it when people say it to you as in "No you can't graduate," and "No, the class is not offered again this year."

So now it’s about learning from your mistakes (the only thing positive you can do at this point), and take action. I’ve got a few weeks till Summer session starts. I’m going to come out of the gate like a steamroller from HELL. I know years from now this won’t matter, but right now I’m pretty disappointed in myself. The good news is this has awakened the “real” Dave Jackson.

He has risen – Halleluiah


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LYRICS - " No excuses for us. Time has come to do what we must."

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