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Dec 24, 2006

Dave has a guest in studio as it turns out "The Nurse's" children are checking up on me. Lucky me, they found the masterbation episode.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to eveyrone.

Episodes Mentioned: Please Take My Sperm and "She said she'd wear a short skirt, and she...

Dec 20, 2006

Dave talks about his favorite teacher and his retirement party. (Sharon I love you too - his wife). Jim's retirement part was wall to wall people - because he impacted people. You, yes YOU impact people every day. Make it a positive impact

Thanks for some great memories JB, you will be terribly missed

Now I need to go...

Dec 15, 2006

Dave "comes out" of the closet. He's Christian and explains that if nonchurch going people call Christians "hypocrites" because they are "not like Jesus" then yes - He is a far-from-perfect born-again hypocrite. He shares some miracles he's seen, and talks about if you keep your eyes open, you might see them too. He...

Dec 13, 2006

Dave is having a bad day. The holidays are taking its toll. He pulls out his blue "Attitude is everything" card, but even that won't work. However, dating a nurse has its positive effects as he talks about what a really bad day is.

My Attitude is EverythingI will not let anyone steal my joy I will not let anyone or...

Dec 7, 2006

Dave shows off his new announcer Scott "Mr Podcheck" Fletcher. Check it out at

Dave gives his input on a homeless person he met in Cleveland. Its the same old scam he's heard time and time again.

MUSICTold Me Lies From Stefani

from "Pieces" by Stefani Atomic K Records